Is this the latest Lindstedt movement turd show??????

TMT Sept 21, 2019 -- The Movement Turd --Fatkike yammers on about 9-11 Coonspiracy Theories & I Shoah Up

Fatkike yaks with the jew named "No Planes" who believes all manner of Coonspiracy Theories that there were no airplanes flying into the World Trade Center.

Me, I believe that ZOG/Babylon did 9-11 because it wanted a war with Iraq and the Muslim world so it made itzself a pretext, just like at Oklahoma City. I don't need to create my own coonspiracy theory to defend -- like 99.99% of the smarter ZOGlings I know that the "Ofishul Story" is a lie made by liars from Liarsville. What else needs to be said?

Whereupon I show up at 2 hours 3 minutes and speak for a while about the never-ending Bryan Reo lawsuits -- Ol Niggerlips filed another two against me on Wednesday 18 Sept 2019, another one on behalf of its reputed spawner, one for itsself -- and the Judge Condon asked for an additional 30 daze for the transcript to finish and for the post-trial Motions to be Decided. Ol' Niggerlips never had a case because of Ohio Statute of Limitations (ORC 2305.11 total one year limitation) and because Ol' Niggerlips isn't a "private person" but rather a ZOG agent provocateur and because the Lake County Kort has no real jurisdiction over what is said on the Internet from 900 miles away.

The Fatkike Shoah lasted 5 hours and 33 minutes. Fatkike is addicted to doing shoahs so when it doesn't for a week or so Fatkike does a monster show of over five hours.

Start Time (EDT): 09/21/19 8:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM CST
Duration (minutes): 5 Hours 33 Minute +.

Download Links 5 hours 33 minute: