Re: It's getting better. Someone actually mailed SHIT to Bryan Reo....

Q. There's a picture on your website around the same
10 time showing yourself dressed as Santa Claus, a
11 stocking with my name on it and you're putting a
12 piece of poop in the stocking and the caption reads
13 something along the lines of "You're getting poop
14 for Christmas." Do you remember that?
15 A. I think it was a NIMBuster tard who had me as
16 Krampus Klaus and yes, it -- you weren't the only
17 one. There was your --
18 Q. So do you remember that?
19 A. Oh, yeah, I went ahead, I thought it was hilarious,
20 so I posted it. But no, I didn't -- I didn't make
21 it up.
22 Q. All right. But it is on your website and you posted
23 it?
24 A. Sure.
25 Q. And it's just a coincidence that you posted that

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