Now they argue about hateandflame

Q. Is it coincidental in your view that moments after
19 you were electronically served with discovery
20 requests and legal proceedings these would appear on
21 Hate and Flame and NIMBusters under your name? Do
22 you have an explanation for that?
23 A. Yes, you post -- anybody can post on Hate and Flame
24 and NIMBusters. That's part of the reason I don't
25 -- you know, I don't post -- I did not post on

NIMBusters after 2012. Anybody can post all sorts
2 of stupid crap on NIMBusters and then Hate and Flame
3 was -- I think the original NIMBusters guy had a
4 heart attack so he had another one did and about --
5 oh, about a couple months later I talked to Mickey
6 The Time Traveler saying, "Just take down any posts
7 that claims to be me," because, you know, I find
8 your -- I didn't actually look on Hate and Flame
9 until I got that bogus stalking charge where you
10 were telling me to -- to go ahead and stick my head
11 over the Newton County Sheriff's Department, accept
12 your plea.
13 THE COURT: I think you've
14 answered the question.
15 A. I never posted on NIMBust -- Hate and Flame either.
16 I never posted on Hate and Flame. I stopped posting
17 on NIMBusters about two-and-a-half years before it
18 went defunct because it allows all sorts of idiots
19 to claim to be whoever it was and I thought it was
20 Bryan Reo who was posting that stuff.

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