Reo and Lindstedt argue about Nimbusters, judge says he doesn't want to hear about Nimbusters again. HAHAHAHHA

Reo is Q, Lindstedt is A.

Q. During the pendency of the 15CV case posts of the
20 pleadings were made on websites called Hate and
21 Flame and NIMBusters. Are you familiar with the
22 websites Hate and Flame and NIMBusters?
23 A. Yes.
24 Q. Did you post those pleadings on those websites?
25 A. I did not post -- I did not post on NIMBusters,

because I found them retarded and perverted and
2 mongrels. So no, I have not posted on NIMBusters
3 since April or maybe May of 2012. I did not post
4 what you probably posted on NIMBusters.
5 MR. REO: Objection,
6 speculative.
7 THE COURT: What about the other
8 website?
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: NIMBusters, they
10 were --
11 THE COURT: I think he mentioned
12 two, NIMBusters --
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah, NIMBusters.
14 THE COURT: -- and there was
15 another one.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: NIMBusters --
17 THE COURT: You already talked
18 about NIMBusters. How about the other one?
19 THE COURT: NIMBusters, Bryan Reo
20 took down four --
21 THE COURT: I don't want to hear
22 about NIMBusters again.

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