NOPE sorry I was running my information bulletin, N1FM jump in, began talking to me and then N1FM TOLD INDIVIDUALS that they could use the frequency, despite the fact that I hadn't relinquished the frequency. I'll have to dig the tapes out of storage and digitalize them. Omega one radio and the N9OGL SHOW was two different things, Omega one was Lower power part 15 station that played MUSIC and that's it. you seem to have problem with which one is which. NOPE SORRY THE FCC HAS NO JURISDICTION OVER THE CONTENT ON THE INTERNET. GROW THE FUCK UP.

no one gives a fuck except you.

Sorry, I've never called 911, that is a bullshit lie. they do have jurisdiction over people making threats against other people. The police view has been that I not allowed to file ANY complaints.


do the world a favor, go out and buy a gun, stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger, do the world some good.

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