Someone talking about me with my comment

Boy you sure don't know what you are talking about.
here a little help

1. Consolidated communication is a telephone company (a monopoly I might add) and the threat was after one of their employees threatened to "cut Mr. Daugherty (pronounced Doe*her*tee) nuts off and watch him bleed death)

2. The police are violating the 14th amendment which states "everyone has equal protection under the law" I have been blocked by the police since the early 2000's from filing any complaints. NONE of this would of happened if the police was made of this aware of these threats against my life.

3. there more to it, then just making fun of someone. I have been repeatedly threatened both on and off line by individuals, I'm being cyberstalked by individuals, these same individuals has had me not only had me removed from various ISP's but from various sites on the internet and fired from my job.

4 In regards to April 14th. The police asked me about that and they learned that I was talking about GTA V which was released on PC on April 14th. The police confirmed what I had told them by my other social media outlets, including Facebook. Which I repeatedly talked about April 14 and GTA V. it was confirmed by the cops who talked to a number of individuals who confirmed also that I was talking about GTA V

5. The pipe bomb was part of the consolidated communications case. Well actually it was taken out of context sure there was a pipe bomb and it said coming soon, but I was also at the time it was posted modding for games, including making maps and making new types of weapons for a game.

6. The individuals who were posting on twitter to me belong to the website hate and flame, The same website that the threat in 2018 was posted. A website I might add that doesn't require a login and you can pretend to be who every you want. It should also be noted that some of these individuals are also ham operators, who have a grudge against not only me but a few other hams, who they don't want to have a ham radio license. these same individuals also post on the kiwi farm thread about me. Kiwi Farm is sticking their nose in a radio war that has been going on since the late 80's there best bet is to stay out of it.

7. The threat Mad Vlad mention was made back in the early 2000's when two ham operator Brian Crow K3VR and Tom Whatley N1FM were causing problems including trying to me kicked of the radio and off the internet. Their view was the only speech I should have is in my front yard with a megaphone. That's if there is no one around to hear me. Tom N1FM, is also a cop from Florida who has also bullied a number of other ham operators both on the radio and the internet.

8. I'm a strong believer in free speech, but free speech is not absolute. Libel and slander is not protected by the first amendment and the vast majority of the material that is posted on my site by third parties is not true. these individuals go around and post material that is only half true, I notice Kiwi Farms does the same thing. but not tell the whole story, you leaving out important facts and these individuals attack me on my site because, they don't want people knowing the whole truth, because it defeats their purpose of getting people wound up based on their half truths.

9. that dear stupid fuck was posted on a blog around 1999 - 2001 which no longer exists. This was after these ham radio created a blogger website, claiming it was my site bot on the internet and on the radio. The blog depicted me a homosexual who loved little boys as well as few other things. The site was eventually taken down by bloggers for harassment After others also complained

10. when you ham radio operators who have political connections in law enforcement and the federal agencies, getting you fired from your jobs and having every alphabet agencies on your ass, when you have that done to you, then come talk to me. Again this wasn't about making fun of someone, or trolling. this was full out harassment, with the U. S. government help, and they weren't only doing it to me, they were doing it to other ham radio operators. Some people who get ham radio licenses, tend to let it go to their head and thinks it gives them power. As you said it's just a hobby, but take it way to serious, to the point where they will ruin someone life over it.

11. Lisa Madigan (pronounced Mad*a*gain (as in again) She was the Attorney General for Illinois, who was aware that the police violated my 14th amendment rights, which again was violation of equal protection of the law. Her and her office was aware of these violations via certified mail through the postal service. In other words there was a lot more going on, that wasn't on the internet, that a lot of people on the internet doesn't know about.

12. Again the threat against the telephone company was after one of their employee threatened to "cut his nuts off and watch him bleed to death' statement. in 2015 the so-called threat was actually me threatening to SUE the police chief and the officer who was violating my rights, and the threat in 2018 was by me, again was posted on a website that doesn't require a login and anyone can be who every they want to be. in fact the charges were dropped because more threats were being posted and sent to law enforcement in my name, while I was still in jail, with no internet access. This proved that I didn't post the threats, as well as fact that my IP was not attached to that threat or any threats on that site. The police even had the balls when they arrest me that the website hate and Flame was my website, when it's not.

13. EEO law as well as state laws do state that if you work a certain amount of hours you are, by law entitled to a lunch. I also know that a lot of my Wal-Mart troubles came from an outside source and a website called ve7kfm. in fact the store manager (who was a friend of mine) told me that they received complaints from individuals who directed them to that website. FYI the regional manger who fired me over the shirt no longer hold that position, he was removed from Wal-Mart home office from that position because of that. It should also be noted that he had been receiving complaints from the ham operators, in fact Wal-Mart visited my site and the communications between these individuals and Wal-Mart was given to me, proving it was more then just the shirt.

14. My license was on hold because individuals claimed I had a felony CONVICTION. The FCC can yank a license if the person has a felony CONVICTION. I don't have a conviction, thus my license was renewed.

15. The audio from the YouTube video was from me on the radio in 2007. The clip that was only 15 minutes long, doesn't tell the whole story. I was on the frequency when Tom N1FM came on and began talking to me. After he was done talking to me, some individuals asked if the frequency was in uses and he said no, (they the other people could her me due to propagation) he (N1FM) then get there telling me the frequency is in uses. ham operator maintain control of the frequency until the relinquish it. Since I was on the frequency first he had no right to tell others that they could use the frequency. this was also at the same time N1FM and his friends were kicking me off the internet, and believed I didn't have a right to a radio license or access to internet. They were also complaining to the FCC about my activities on the internet (Not radio) trying to get the FCC to yank my license. The FCC has no jurisdiction over content on the internet. But according to my files from the FCC that I got via a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request, that exactly what they were doing. FCC amateur radio enforcement Riley Hollingsworth, he wanted then to keep him updated when I was on the internet and what I posted.

16. FYI I was NEVER on 14.313. The audio was taken of 14.275 MHz. I have NEVER BEEN on 14.313 MHz. Most of discussion on my information bulletins was about the FCC and it's abuse of power. Hams aren't allowed to broadcast, but they are allowed to run information bulletins, which is basically a qusi-broadcast (according to the FCC)

17. BTW again the 15 minute clip of the 14.275 audio of me was not the whole thing, I got the whole thing which is a hour long. again N1FM was the on saying to calm down was the one who told these people to talk over me. BTW talking over someone is called interference, which is against federal law.

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