WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!! First of all, I DO NOT suck cock!!!!!! Second, I also DO NOT let anybody fuck ME in the ass!!!!!! I am an ASS-MAN, an unabashed, uapologetic, fanatic fan of MAN-ASS!!!!!! I could ASSFUCK a dude with a HOT ASS for SEVERAL HOURS WITHOUT STOPPING!!!!!! I know because I HAVE DONE IT MANY TIMES!!!!!! My stamina for assfucking is INCREDIBLE!!!!!! YOU and others like you around here are JEALOUS of that fact!!!!!! You're all AFRAID AND ASHAMED to admit that ALL OF YOU get an instant woody from a dude's bodacious booty just as I do!!!!!! The difference again is that unlike all of you, I am NOT afraid to ADMIT IT!!!!!! Now, check out this dude: I DARE you tell me that his ass doesn't make you INSTANTLY hard (if you're able to get hard at all). You KNOW you'd LOVE to JACKHAMMER that ass just as much as I would!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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