Re: Hal is smoking the Democrats goo holes tonight

Tonight at 9:00 PM on the Hal Turner Show: Bash the Hell out of the BARBARIAN MUSLIMS who attacked us 18 years ago today


On tonight's Hal Turner Show, we'll take some time to look back at the attacks which took place against our nation on 9-11 (18 years ago today) and speak bluntly about the BARBARIANS who adhere to a so-called "Religion" called Islam.
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Copperhead · 16 minutes ago
The barbarians are our own government who planned and executed the assault. Someday payback will be a bitch.

Doug Brown · 31 minutes ago
Every time I am frisked down at an airport by smirking immigrant TSA agents, undoubtedly Islamic, I am reminded.

John Robert Mallernee · 55 minutes ago

Sadly, our own government used that attack as an excuse to blatantly violate our divinely inspired Constitution of our United States of America, by penalizing and oppressing its own citizens, infringing on and depriving us of basic liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, with no resistance from the People.

And WHY, if the attacks of Tuesday 11 September 2001 were carried out by Saudi Arabians in behalf of Islam, and funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, did the United States of America not retaliate massively against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, instead of invading Iraq and Afghanistan?

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