apparently someone is hacking my wiki page. my wiki site, is not searchable in a search engine, nor have I ever posted links to it. it is a PRIVATE wiki. I banned the person doing it and they unbanned themselves. This person even stated they were getting into my computer. The computer fraud and abuse act is a law that is suppose to stop this activity. where is the so - called police, where is the so called FBI.....F***ing them and F***ing the United States. FYI....the person doing this is known as "Toad is Autistic" the same person who tweeted me that I was going to be going to jail soon, and 14 day's later I was arrested. again f******* the police and F******** the FBI and a BIG f******** YOU TO THE UNITED STATES!!! this is abuse, this harassment, and hacking IS a violation of the law. *NM*