NimBusters' very own, one and only Lloyd Austin Davies, the Supreme TimeLord, is NOT, has NEVER BEEN and NEVER WILL BE a liberal demoncrap (he has since also abandoned the republicunt party as well, but that's another topic for another time). Lloyd only voted demoncrap ONCE during his lifetime, and that was for McGovern in '72 because he believed so much of the liberal bullcrap about Nixon at the time. Lloyd later regretted his decision deeply and of course, NEVER voted demoncrap ever again. Lloyd eloquently related the introspection prior and subsequent to his dubious choice of presidential candidate on several editions of ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT over the years. It's very likely these will be included in the "Vintage On The Domestic Front" package to be aired on the Republic Broadcasting Network, concomitant with the world premiere of the brand new, retooled ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT, starting sometime later this Fall! ;-) *NM*