Re: That's a normal file used in audio/video playback. Given all the enemies Hal has, if he was downloading trojans on people, believe me, you'd have heard about it by now.

On tonight's Hal Turner Radio show which is AIRING RIGHT NOW . . .

All three US B-2 Stealth Bombers which arrived in England last week, took off from Royal Air Force Base Fairford around 5:50 eastern US time tonight. Seen heading northwest . . . but WHERE? Iran?

Talk that Israel is considering launching a military strike against Iran Directly, WITHOUT U.S. help . . .

Hurricane Dorian making its way north along U.S. east coast after ravaging the Bahamas . . . and an $80 Million seaport built there by CHINA! Guess the Chinese military won't be using that for awhile.

Lawyer for ANTIFA gets hauled out of a Boston Courtroom in Handcuffs after telling judge he had no authority . . .

And much more.

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