Re: N9OGL finally gets attention from the west coast hams along with his butt buddy, VE7KFM Karol

On tonight's Hal Turner Radio show which is AIRING RIGHT NOW . . .

All three US B-2 Stealth Bombers which arrived in England last week, took off from Royal Air Force Base Fairford around 5:50 eastern US time tonight. Seen heading northwest . . . but WHERE? Iran?

Talk that Israel is considering launching a military strike against Iran Directly, WITHOUT U.S. help . . .

Hurricane Dorian making its way north along U.S. east coast after ravaging the Bahamas . . . and an $80 Million seaport built there by CHINA! Guess the Chinese military won't be using that for awhile.

Lawyer for ANTIFA gets hauled out of a Boston Courtroom in Handcuffs after telling judge he had no authority . . .

And much more.

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