I'm happy to announce that I've begun home schooling my young children. Being today was September 1, what better subject to teach my children than just how evil Adolf Hitler really was? Today was the 80th anniversary of that homicidal monster having started WWII. I still can't believe how many White Nationalists revere Hitler, the greatest mass murderer in history. My children will grow up understanding just how disgusting Naziism really is. They won't have to learn it the hard way as Derek Black did, they can benefit from my experience in having worked closely with David Duke for so many years. He's a former Klansman for those of you who don't know but he's really a Nazi. I know because I slept on his floor for a time. I also know that despite his supposed PHD, he's still not a lifetime Mensa member as am I, so we all know who's REALLY more intelligent. My home schooled children will certainly know. *NM* *LINK*

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