Since Lloyd, the Daleks and Joe Bednarsky are all spending the holiday weekend as RBN chief John Stadmiller's personal guests at Stadtmiller's palatial getaway by the lake, it is my duty to inform Lloyd's legions of fans, sycophants, toadies, yes-men, suck-ups, lackeys, hangers-on and ardent admirers about the proper ways for all of you to show your respect to Lloyd. You can either bow or kneel before Lloyd, it's your choice, but you should do it properly, which is to bow as low as possible or to kneel as slowly and gracefully as you can. Though the Lloyd works in mysterious ways, what's not mysterious is how and why there would be no NimBusters without Lloyd, for Lloyd created NimBusters in 6 days, then on the 7th he rested from his great work. Now kneel or bow down and THANK Lloyd for the creation of NimBusters! You owe to to yourself and you especially owe it to Lloyd Davies, Supreme TimeLord! :-) *NM*