In addition to being insanely jealous, you're typically too fearful of what Lloyd would do to you in person were you to ever speak your gibberish to His face. Woger was too much of a puss to do it and so are you, UF. Something else you have in common with that late, unlamented but finally good jew is that you're also far too obese to bow in Lloyd's presence, much less kneel before Him. However, even an obese creature as pathetically useless as yourself can learn, so now's the time to start: bow low, WAY low to Lloyd, who's your superior in every way. Do it every hour, on the hour. After you master that, you can then drop down on your knee (assuming your prodigious girth doesn't shatter your patella) and kneel before Him too. Also every hour, on the hour. And finally, you can consider yourself PWN'D, because that's exactly what you are! :-D *PICS*

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