Lloyd Davies is synonymous with NimBusters. They are inseparable. Lloyd Davies, Supreme TimeLord is the ultimate NimBusters god! The only reason anybody ever had any interest in, or still has an interest in NimBusters is due largely, if not solely, to Lloyd. This is why Roger Wiseman was and Unwiped Fuckwit is so insanely jealous of Lloyd. That, along with other factors including Lloyd's success in owning his own pizzeria, which is hugely successful, largely due to Lloyd's unsurpassed skill at getting the pizzas and other orders out to customers more quickly than ANY other pizzeria in North America. Lloyd is also the ultimate TimeLord, as exhibited once again by his successful journey, accompanied by the Daleks, to the 1964 World's Fair, a frequent as well as favourite destination for them. Lloyd has validated numerous times the axiom that a TimeLord always wins in the end, and Lloyd Davies, Supreme TimeLord, wins ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!! ;-)*PICS*

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