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No, I would not do so.

I married a woman who said she wanted children, then admitted she never wanted children and that she only said it because I wouldn’t have agreed to marry her if she had said she didn’t want children, and then during our separation and pending divorce she said she had changed her mind and wanted children, and after agreeing to reconcile on that basis and some other issues, I have just now learned and once again she does not actually want children.

I think in the future, going forward, I am never going to marry again, or I would consider and be open to the possibility but only if the woman is already pregnant with my child. My family goals and life goals will come before her desire to be respectably married before getting pregnant.

I cannot imagine myself staying in a marriage based on lies and ever-shifting promises and declarations which are then withdrawn and admitted to have been false.

At this point I would rather be alone than with somebody who I no longer trust because they have a track record of being evasive, deceptive, and telling me one thing when they realize it is what I wanted to hear, and then not having meant that and later admitting that it was not reflective of their true desires.

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