-REVISED- The herniated reverence in which you hold Bob Filus is duly noted. However, it would be profoundly irresponsible and counterintuitive to overlook Bob Filus' expansive adiposity as the overwhelmingly chief factor undergirding his mental, as well as physical disposition. Contravening your criminally casual dismissal of Bob Filus' girth, it cannot be overstated that it was the peculiar, molecular construction of Bob Filus' fat that enabled him to impose his will on this forum and to be an imposition upon everybody with whom he was ever acquainted. While these are childishly simple endeavours for most, they were nonetheless even more remarkably easy for a man of Bob Filus' prodigious bulk. A steady diet of High Fructose Corn Syrup-enhanced Spam aided and abetted Bob Filus immeasurably. It not only enhanced his waistline & LDL cholesterol levels, it likewise augmented the volume of material posted here. Bob Filus was a great, big, fat man who was larger than life as well as death. *NM*

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