Lloyd counted even Walter Cronkite among his admirers. When he was young, Lloyd was a protege of Cronkite's, but as the years went on, Cronkite actually grew envious of Lloyd because Lloyd did the kind of broadcasting Cronkite WANTED to do but couldn't, because it NEVER would have been allowed by CBS. True, "Uncle Walter" made far more money and enjoyed substantially more fame with the general public than did Lloyd, but ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT has always been infinitely more incisive and challenging of the "mainstream" point of view than any of Cronkite's material ever was, which explains the historical importance, as well as notoriety assigned to OTDF over the decades, in stark contrast to much of Cronkite's material which has been largely forgotten. Rather ironically, some of Lloyd's OTDF broadcasts originated from regional studios Lloyd surreptitiously leased from CBS at various periods during the late 1950s, '60s and even into the '70s! *NM*

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