Re: Why does Martin Lindstedt allow Bryan Reo and Brett Kimkowsky post on his many forums?

from: Bryan Reo <>
to: Martin Lindstedt <>
date: Aug 6, 2019, 7:25 AM
subject: RULE 408 COMMUNICATION- Regarding Claims Klimkowsky v Lindstedt

Dear Mr. Lindstedt,

I have been retained by Mr. Brett Klimkowsky to represent him regarding possible claims he has against you under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for the unauthorized use of his picture on your website as well as claims arising due to libel and defamation. You have referred to Mr. Klimkowsky in highly disparaging terms that would cause him to be cast in a negative light regarding his fitness for his profession. In Ohio it is libel per se to state that somebody is unfit to perform the duties of their trade or profession.

We are therefore giving you until 5:00 pm EST on 8/10/2019 to remove all of Mr. Klimkowsky’s photographs from your website and to remove all derogatory remarks about Mr. Klimkowsky as well. We are also offering you the opportunity to settle all of Mr. Klimkowsky’s claims against you in consideration of the payment of $25,000 payable to Mr. Klimkowsky.

If you fail to remove the offending content then Mr. Klimkowsky will pursue legal action against you in Ottawa County Court of Common Pleas in Ottawa County Ohio.

Please feel free to contact me by email to confirm you have removed the offending the content.


Bryan Reo

The statements are all made pursuant to Ohio Rule of Evidence 408

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