Take a look at just one of Lindstedt's letters of appeal. It's obvious Lindstedt has the mental capacity of an 8 year old, or 1 year above that of an N9OGL. His last paragraph, I can't even figure out what the fuck he is trying to say.

Case # 2019-L-073
Case # 2019-L-)&#
MISSOURI, et a!.,
Separate Copy For Each Case
Rule Appellate Procedure 4(B)(2)
Motion to Remand to Trial Court
To Resolve Outstanding Post-Judgment
Filings & Stay Appellate Proceedings
COMES NOW the current Defendant / Appellant Pastor Martin Lindstedt (hereafter in
person described as "Pastor Lindstedt") along with Defendant
Appellant The Church of Jesus
Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri (hereafter "The Church) [none of which are or
were lawfully within the proper jurisdiction of this local Lake County Court of Ohio] to file this
Motion under the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure 4(B)(2) given that Appellants have filed a
Notice(s) of Appeal from a final judgment of a Lake County Lynch Mob jury trial in which
Defendants living 900 miles away were not allowed to present any evidence on their behalf upon
counts that Bryan Reo, Esquire, claimed were defamations performed nearly a decade before and
in which Bryan Reo had lost before the federal courts in Ohio and Missouri.
There have been numerous post-trial judgment filings since the Final Appealable Order
signed by Judge Patrick Condon on July 1, 2019. Appellants Pastor Lindstedt and Lindstedt' s
Church filed a Notice of Appeal on July 30, 2019 to ensure that they get an appeal even though
they do not recognize any Ohio court having any just jurisdiction over them practicing their
Dual-Seedline Christian Identity religion holding in regards to Bryan Reo, who as a non-white
wannabe White Supremacist along with William Finck, ajew, and William DeClue as being•
outside the Aryan Christian I'sraelite Congregation of YHWH and have thus warned true Artyan
Israelites from having anything to do with any of them. Bryan Reo has used Ohio courts to "win"
an invalid judgment against Defendants who do not recognize the jurisdiction or right to be
judged by corrupt courts and juries hostile to their religion and beliefs in separation.
Since then Bryan Reo has filed a Motion for Pre-Trial Interest dating from when it was
losing its case before the federal courts. Also Motion for Attorney Fees for when Attorney Brett
Klimkowsky, likewise as with Reo a Board Member of the former White Supremacist lawfare
NGO "The Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas" (FMI) also called The ZOGbot Poverty
[F]Law Center (ZbPfLC) was trying to get Pastor Lindstedt barred from testifying on behalf of
himself on the grounds of being locked up in a psychiatric prison in Missouri and thus too crazy
to testify on his behalf but not crazy enough to not be sued on the grounds of diminished
capacity. The previous judge reserved sanctioning Reo and Klimkowsky for abusing legal
process, but Judge Condon finds that just dandy. Also Bryan Reo is back to whining about how
Pastor Lindstedt didn't obey Reo discovery tricks and thus should be sanctioned and not allowed
to have an appeal or something. While Bryan Reo claims that it sent this latest of its specious
filings by certified mail, and thus not through a trusted confederate in the Mentor Post Office in
order to evade postmarks this time Pastor Lindstedt grew tired of waiting and received from
clerks the electronic filing by Reo on 24 July after Reo tried to extort Lindstedt via e-mail.
Pastor Lindstedt, on behalf of himself and his Church have filed a Rule(50) Motion for
Judgment notwithstanding the Lake County Lynch ob jury verdict on the grounds of lack of
jurisdiction, the fact that Bryan Reo waited over three years after the alleged defamations took
place in 2010-2012 to file a federal lawsuit in April 2014, which lawsuit was lost upon which
Reo filed 8 days later on Sept 18, 2015. Reo called Pastor Lindstedt a "convicted child molester"
in 2010 and at trial in June 2019 which is false. The jury was biased and inflamed. Neither the
Church nor Roxie Fausnaught ever did anything against Reo but Reo was allowed to sue them,
originally in the Mentor Municipal Court, which declined jurisdiction which the Lake County
Court usurped. Reo didn't put on any exhibits but rather was allowed to cherry-pick from Pastor
Lindstedt's and Lindstedt's Church's web page while Lindstedt was not allowed to present any
evidence from said web pages which would disprove Reo's allegations and show Reo was
committing perjury. Reo sought to amend its complaints at the end of last year and made appeals
2018-L-143 & 144 to do so after discovery was over and numerous trial dates set and continued
by Reo and the trial court. The judge corruptly made it impossible for Reo to be punished for
bringing up and continuing this case, and for proving Reo lied, and for proving Reo destroyed
evidence of inciting a response by Lindstedt and Reo & Reo lawyer misconduct. Pastor Lindstedt
has security video of the three day trial. In the alternative a new jury trial has been asked for
although with nine years since the alleged defamations the Ohio Statute of Limitations still holds
like it should in denying this trial appealed from in the first place. Nor does these Ohio courts
have jurisdiction.
So therefore, what is requested is that the trial court clean up its mess, negate all
judgments against Pastor Lindstedt and Lindstedt's Church, make Bryan Reo pay for the jury
costs and court costs (and this appeals' costs) and make further litigation in Ohio come to an end.
Accordingly this Appeals Court should remand the matter to the trial court for post-judgment
filings in question and stay the proceedings until the trial court has done so. This way Pastor
Lindstedt need not pay for a $2,276 transcript unless it is necessary to proceed with this appeal in
order to show the full misconduct of Attorney Bryan Reo and of the trial court.
The Ohio Courts and Ohio bar have deliberately instituted religious as well as racial civil
war by their lawless and unconstitutional policy of claiming that Pastor Lindstedt cannot
represent his bed-bound illiterate woman or Church corporation formed for the purpose of
perfecting the religious and racial religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity amongst Aryan
Christian Israelites
Bryan Reo and the Lake County Court have thus used that
to negate the exercise of this religion by insisting that rather than simply worshipping in peace
that this Church must hire those who are Servants of Satan, i.e. lawyers. This in turn creates the
duty to treat Ohio in general and Lake County in particular as Sodom and Gomorrah and as the
Tribe of Benjamin influenced by Canaanites like Bryan Reo and William Finck. This means a
policy of prion-poisoning and of making the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant - which has
already been likely inadvertently saved by the operators finding out that Bryan Reo was a self-
loathing mongrel playing White Supremacist and thus firing Reo as an "internal security risk".
This Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon must be destroyed and the prison of peoples freed,
and the Aryan Christian Israel Children of YHWH be saved through this collapse into Ten
Thousand Warlords ruling over local theocratic military dictatorships over the 10-20 million ex-
whigger survivors.

Bryan Reo and most of the so-called Alt-Right, especially those of the Foundation for the
MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty Flaw Center are nothing but non-white, jew, mongrel
and homosexual agents provocateur tasked by the federal and state governments with infiltration
and exposure of unwary young whites as at the Charlottesville Fiasco and in using "lawfare" to
harass and disrupt and impoverish Resistance organizations such as Pastor Lindstedt and
Lindstedt's Church. This will not work as collapse is inevitable. However this appellate court can
take steps so as to not deserve as much the chernoblyization of its nuclear power plants, prion-
poising of its deer and fields, the extermination of its establishment of police and lawyers, and
aiding the survival of the best of its White population.
Hail Victory !!!
Pastor Martin
Martin Lindstedt, Defendant &
The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
338 Rabbit Track Road, Granby Missouri 64844 (Tel #) 417-472-6901
Certificate of Service:
Appellate Court was mailed two copies of this Motion sent by US mail on 3
Aug. 2019 via the Lake County Clerk,
N. Park Place, Painesville, Ohio 44077 as instructed
A like copy was mailed on 3 Aug. 2019 to:
Bryan Reo,
7143 Rippling Brook Lane, P.o. Box 5100, Mentor Ohio 44061.

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