Some nigger named Aaron Sankin is trying to take down William Finck's website

Christogenea uses Cloudflare for its DNS provider, which I felt was a necessary move after a seemingly relentless series of DDOS attacks were suffered a few years ago. So a supposed “abuse” complaint was made to Cloudflare, and they forwarded the complaint to my hosting company, who contacted me with a copy of the message they received from Cloudflare. The following complaint was originally received by Cloudflare from an individual named Aaron Sankin:

“I’m a reporter working on a story for Gizmodo. My piece is looking at the companies that host sites of organizations that have been accused of spreading hate. The website at this URL is operated by one of the groups on my list, which is a combination of lists of hate groups provided to me by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Hope Not Hate, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and the Counter Extremism Project.

I’m interested in reaching out to the hosting provider of these companies, which is currently being masked by Cloudflare’s anti-DDoS technology. I spoke with Cloudflare’s General Counsel, Doug Kramer, who suggested I use the abuse reporting system to determine the hosting provider of each of these sites.”

The same complaint was filed for both the main Christogenea website and for the Emahiser sub-domain. I would not doubt if I am faced with more such complaints in the weeks and months to come, as there certainly seems to be a large increase in efforts to remove conservative and traditional Christian voices from the Internet. On the surface, this Aaron Sankin character seems to be an individual actor, but in light of all the Youtube channel cancellations and other leftist agitation in Social Media websites, he may certainly be part of a larger effort.

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