The kike Dennis Prager has said for years that the U.S. is a "force for good around the world". On RBN, Jamie Kelso was yesterday praising Michael Weiner (Savage) to the skies for Savage's pro-Trump, pro-American point of view. Kelso now embraces kikes whilst bad mouthing Hitler & the Third Reich but astonishingly still considers himself pro-White. If NewsTard ever attempts to resurrect that hideous bris-fest known as The Right Perspective and either Frankel or Jewn don't return, Kelso could easily substitute for either one since he's now just as much of a neo-cohn as they. Kelso's actually more loathsome than "The 2 Friends" because at least they've always been neo-cuck shills for Isn't-rael who pretended to be pro-White with no changes, unlike Kelso who spent decades pretending to be a White Nationalist and is now a deracinated neo-cuck. Maybe Halvin's field office agents might consider bringing Jamie on board too in the near future, if they haven't already. *NM*

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