I wonder how long it's going to be now before ZOG creates another huge false flag event somewhere in the U.S. so they can blame that on Syria as well. Better yet, they may just blame it on Putin to get the sheeple on board with attacking Russia too. And if not that, they can always blame "Rocket Man" in North Korea because "freedom and democracy" need to be brought to NK by the U.S. as well. In for a penny, in for a pound, except when it's Whites who are being slaughtered as in South Africa and Rhodesia. The silence of our representatives... oops, sorry, I mean, LAWMAKERS is deafening, but that's because South Africa and Rhodesia aren't anywhere near that Shitty Little Cuntry in the Middle East and both are already infested with Rothchild Kike banks, so they're "spoken for", no matter how many of our race are genocided by the dindus there. "White Privilege" at its finest. Now excuse me while I go find some returning military men to thank for their "service to our country". *NM*