Toad's logic. Since he didn't know how to blow a building up, he shouldn't be charged with threatening to blow it up in the first place.That's how Toad's fucked up brain works.

From Officer Michael B Toberman, Taylorville Police Department:

"I later again asked him if he knew anything about what detonation device he would use and he said that he thought he would use a Molotov Cocktail. I asked how would he blow a brick building with a device like a Molotov Cocktail and he didn't know."

A threat must represent a "clear and present danger" (US Supreme Court) so, when some JACKASS doesn't know how to blow a fucking building up, that should raise a red flag that there is no real clear and present danger.

What even worse is that illiterate JACKASS of a judge, Judge Spears didn't have not only the fucking BALLS not to read the police report, BUT apparently didn't read it because he's FUCKING ILLITERATE!!. Same goes for that JACKASS lawyer Scott Sabin, who also should have read the fucking report, BUT IT ALSO ILLITERATE! Both JACKASSES (SPEAR AND SABIN) went around claiming it was a PIPE BOMB, when no such claim was made by me. It was the POLICE who assumed it was a PIPE BOMB.

Considering N9OGL put up a picture of a pipe bomb. Source:

From officer Richard E Bryan Taylorville police Department:

"Todd admitted telling another officer he was going to use a Molotov Cocktail on Consolidated. He claims he doesn't know how to make one"

So was there a "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER" like the US Supreme Court has stated for something to be a true threat or was this from someone, who was pissed because the same officers and POLICE STATION were violating his FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT RIGHT

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