I don't know, maybe as the anonymous asshole I'm responding to, the type that's in abundance in this forum, who's too much of a chickenshit to post your crap about others under a static username, much less a real name, you're the one who deleted my previous post. No matter, I'll say it again: Stair may or may not be guilty, but it's interesting to note that as a White Christian, so far he's being charged (railroaded, more likely) by the same kikish government which paid Turdner to entrap White Nationalists thus I'll withhold judgment on Stair until he's had a hearing, or as close to an honest hearing as any White man can get in this shitty, talmudized legal system anymore. BTW, if you are the admin and you purposely deleted my previous post, then kindly go fuck yourself! *NM*

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