HELLOOOOOOOO fellow Nimonians!! How are all of YOU this crisp, gorgeous Friday evening, eh? Plans for the premiere of the retooled ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT are on hold for now (see the link for an explanation!), but tonight I am helping to cater FOUR separate pizza parties, thus, I will be spreading the pleasure and joy of distributing the best tasting, piping hot pizzas ever to those lucky enough to have ordered them! I will of course, be handsomely tipped for my efforts, which should net me no less than $200-300, far more than Wogie-woo mooches in disability & medicaid every week from the benighted taxpayers, LOL! And speaking of that anonymous, greasy, rat faced, hook nosed, obese, gimpy demon, will he waddle his 400 lb. carcass to his synagogue for their weekly baby-raping ceremonies tonight, or will he show his jewsual horrifically poor jewdgment and instead attempt to troll Me, and get *LLOYDED* in the process, as he always does? Stay tuned to find out, My fellow Nimonians!:-D *NM* *LINK*