Having seen both films numerous times (usually with Me, heheh!), the Daleks quickly got bored and again repaired to the parlour. Being quite intoxicated, instead of resuming their card game, the Daleks quickly grabbed some fireplace matches and began lighting their FARTS ON FIRE!! Dalek farts are as loud as shotgun reports, but accompanied by far more noxious odours! Before I could tender a profuse apology to Johnstadt, Joe Beddy stood up and announced that he would put a stop to it immediately! However, several minutes after Beddy entered the parlour, Johnstadt and I noticed that the flatulent reports not only did not cease, they became increasingly intense, as did the fragrance of the noxious gasses emanating from the parlour! When Johnstadt and I stepped into the parlour to see what was happening, we found that Joe Beddy had JOINED the Daleks and was lighting HIS own farts on fire, too! *NM*

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