Early on, a sullen Joe Bednarsky lost interest and began bending rebar into Origami figurines with his bare hands (Chuck Norris could never do that!). Shortly thereafter, the Daleks got bored, lit up some foot long, Cuban stogies and retired to the parlour to play some Contract Bridge (though, being as violently competitive as they are, with the Daleks, it usually turns into CONTACT bridge!). Anyway, weary of arguing after several hours, Johnstadt, Jeff Bennett and I finally stopped so that we could all sit down to a delectable feast of Piranha Florentine, prepared from the massive store of deep frozen piranha, hand-caught by Joe Beddy during our previous outing here. After two subsequent hours of debate with still no consensus, we all finally gave up and at My suggestion, the Daleks passed around several cases of Dom Pérignon and we all sat down to a Blu-ray double feature of BIRTH OF A NATION and TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, as viewed in Johndstadt's entertainment room on his 70" HDTV! *NM*

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