When Bob Dylan first showed up on set for the shooting of "Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid" director Sam Peckinpah had no idea who he was, and thought Warner Bros. had sent him from accounting to spy on him. Worried he had Kris Kristoferrson vouch for him, showing him some of Dylans albums. "Oh, another hippie musician" Peckinpah growled. After depressing rain delays shooting began, whereupon Peckinpahs disgust for Dylan reached epic proportions because of his soft delivery of lines and unassuming stage presence. At one point watching dailies, Peckinpah stood above the TV monitor and pissed on it during Dylans scenes. "Get that kike out of my fucking sight" as he raged in a drunken state about the studio trying to sabotage him. So vexxed was he by "the rat faced kike" he removed Knocking On Heavens Door from the soundtrack, even though it had been expressly written for a specific scene, which the studio later re inserted in their studio cut. *NM*

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