You really do have too much free time on your hands, Shecky. The only thing more pathetic than Arty is somebody who would spend "quality" time analyzing Arty's (or anyone else's) posts the way you do. Why don't you go listen to some patriotard talk radio on the internet? Pastor James Manning is airing on RBN right now as I type this, and being a moolie, he hates White people almost as much as you, being a jew, do. His simian intelligence, conveyed through Ebonics should be roughly at (or only slightly higher than) your comprehension level, so you DO have a fighting chance of being able to follow it. Go listen to RBN or the Rense network for a while. You might just learn something useful, such as why the rest of the world hates your tribe, though given your obviously limited IQ, probably not, but hey, give it a try anyway. Or just shut the fuck up and get back in the oven where you belong, and don't ever come out again. *NM*

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