Barring short men or fat men would end 95% of internet spamming.

Every fucking troll in Nimbuster is either shorter than 5'6 or is grossly overweight.

PedoToad - 5'3 and mentally ill
Lardass - 5'5 and grossly fat
Hal Turner - 5'5 1/2 and a coke addict
Arty - 300 plus pounds
Vonbluvens - tall but fat with deformed ears
Holsten - tall but very fat, ate himself into losing his leg
Steven L Akins - 5'4 and a troll
Woger - 5'6 little man syndrome
Newsguy - you can just tell from his feminine voice that he is probably a short, fat little shit.
W6WBJ - aka Billy Crowell, another 5'6 piece of shit who acts big on ham radio

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