As much as I despise right wingers, Rush Limbaugh's brother, David, accurately explains why America WAS NOT FOUNDED ON RACE, but ON AN IDEA! The false concept of race had NO PLACE in the founding of this country. Even one of your WN heroes, James Kelso, a former WN and now a staunch conservative, will confirm this. Read this excerpt and LEARN something for a change, you inbreds! You all need to show solidarity with blacks, hispanics, asians, Native Americans (from who you stole the continent and all infrastructure they built) LGBT and especially those you despise most out of sheer envy: the Jews!

Some of you should quit worrying so much about conflating ideologies. The rise of so-called populist nationalism would have far less traction if the right showed much greater solidarity in standing up for the American idea, which is not about ethnicity, race, gender or diversity but about liberty, equal opportunity, a strong and unashamed America, and the rule of law. Advocating all these noble principles in theory alone will no longer be sufficient. We must get in the fight. - David Limbaugh

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