Re: HELLOOOOOOOO FELLOW NIMONIANS! And how are all of YOU this devastatingly gorgeous Monday afternoon, eh? Thanks to immeasurable help from the Daleks along with My blazingly fast transportation in My Tardis, I catered three parties to which I delivered dozens of pizzas Saturday night and for My troubles, I cleared $957 in tips, a bit short of the grand I'd expected, but hey, it's STILL far more than welfare mooch Woger gets for posting anonymous garbage about his superiors, heheh!! I also did some call screening for My good friend John Stadtmiller at RBN yesterday, but I told him that frankly, I don't want to screen calls for "The Trump Phenomenon" show anymore because I find Jamie Kelso's cucking to be as repulsive as do the callers, many of whom have to be turned away for the same reason. Kelso's nearly as bad as The Right Perspective, a replacement for which NOBODY needs. Nobody ever needed even the original in the first place! More news about Me as it develops, so, TA-TA for now! *NM*

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