hey hateandflammers, its time to prove you are all not just a bunch of Prove you aren't Strasserists

If you are against allowing refugees into first world countries,

You are in fav0r of them dying in warz, drowning, or getting shot by vigil@ntes/border p@trols. Then you respond with "we have to focus on ending the r00t cause of the issue," of COURSE we have to stop imperialism, but in the meantime, we have to take in the refUUgees.

100%of this hateandflame website also deny global warming. It will be IMPOSSIBLE for billions of people to survive in the global south due to changing climate in the next 100 year. They have to migrate North, to 1st world countries. When we have a socialist revolution, we will have to manage bringing in those people. If we let them die, we are not socialists. Thus a prorefugee stance is the only right asnwer for us now AND in the future.

If you refuse to take a pro-refugee stance, you are a cryptofascist.


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