Re: With Lardass posting pictures of Todd's family, can we start posting pictures of Lardass Lloyd's family?

My mom is coming to visit us over the weekend, so my
bf Bjoerny and his sister Anna-Fried will finally get a chance to fart into my mom. Last time she was here at Elysion Acres, she and Reuben, then she and Aiden
had formed a Mexican gas circle, and then she couldn.t
take it anymore, so she gave Bjoern and Aiden a rain-
check. Yesterday Watana and I advanced to the next level, after we had farted into each other we decided
to form a Mexican triple circle whereby Austin shot
volley after volley of onion gas down my throat, for almost two minutes, Watana fed his boner into my asshole for a 20 minute jackhammer fuck. As soon as
Austin was done, he turned around to feed his boner
down my throat and lifted his ass into Watana.s face,
sending two minutes. worth of onion gas down Watana.s throat, allthewhilest Watana was fucking the morning dew out of my asshole. Then Austin.s boner was leaking
like a Swedish faucet, dripping two soupspoons of boy
syrup down my throat, what a nice refreshment after I
had just caught all that onion gas. My bf Bjoerny,
Reuben and his brother Leif, and Noah and his sister
Agneta (she.s my brother Michail.s gf) were watching us and applauded, and we all agreed that a Mexican triple circle really is a step up, and they.ll try it soon.

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