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You are right, guest, Glen Eden is the only nudist
club near Corona. Some of us have visited there, and it.s a beautiful place. But it.s a club, and open to
the public, you pay an entrance fee and stay for a day
or two. Elysion Acres is a private camp, on private
property, and was founded 87 years ago by Swedish immigrants who first settled in San Clemente and then
bought that piece of land outside Corona, and built four bungalows, and now it.s 48 for about 130 people,
who live here all year long as home owners, governed by a home owners. executive committee. So it.s not a club like Glen Eden that.s open to the public, but rather a private piece of land like any other in California, with the only difference that by camp law nudity is required 24/7. At Glen Eden and other clubs, clothing is optional. Not far away from us is another nudist camp that.s private (two homes on a large piece of property at Fresno Canon in Cleveland National Forest), they invite people to swinger parties every Saturday and Sunday (Glen Eden and Elysion Acres don.t do that kind of thing), and they open their property to porn flick productions, the California Gold series and others were filmed there. Another difference is that Glen Eden in their laws does not allow any kind of sexual activity at their club, like when other people are present, whereas at Elysion Acres it.s just the people who own the land and we fuck as we please. At Glen Eden, as far as we know, boys have to hide their boners under a towel, whereas here at home, we see it as a natural G'd-given event and as an indication that they are healthy, so there is no good reason to hide it. At
Glen Eden there is a large area where club guests park
their mobile homes for a fee, at Elysion Acres it.s
just our 48 homes, and we all pay property tax, home
insurance etc. as private home owners. And last not
least, as a club Glen Eden has to abide to state anti-
discrimination laws, they can.t tell people, sorry,
you are too fat, or you are too ugly to run around naked here, whereas at Elysion Acres we can reject people who want to buy a bungalow, without explaining
why, because it.s all private property and not open to
the public like a club.

Inga Greenstrom

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