My mom and her new bf Kyle, my brother Ashton and his girlfriend Sharryl and my brother Michail and his gf
Agneta and my bf Bjorny and I were scheduled to get
double fucked up the ass this morning, but after I got spanked every day for more than a week, Kyle goes
like, Inga, your red ass looks like a monkey.s, please
spare Reuben and Austin from penetrating you, and I
start crying, but maybe it.s all in my best interest to wait a couple of days. So Bjorny goes like, look,
Inga, Mark and Sansek are mounting your mom, and Kyle,
Ashton, Sharryl, Michail, Agneta and Bjorny get mounted as well, and Aaron supervises the procedure
and he does his and coxwraining very well,
and he orders me to webcam my extended family.s syn-
chronised double anal trysts, zooming in on their re-
spective assholes, and I do it, but I.m crying more
because I feel so excluded. So I watch and webcam them
until all 14 active boners had delivered a load of boy syrup. As soon as Bjorny was given his two loads,
he goes like, Inga, I.m glad you were spared today, just wait a couple of days, and I will mount you from behind at a time of my choosing, and I start crying even more.

Inga Greenstrom

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