Re: On this day 16 years ago, Vonbluvens praised the 911 attacks against the US.

This morning, Fraeaese, Nikke, Agneta and I ventured out of Elysion Acres wearing just our new "Thank-You-Brittney"-t-shirts. As always we disobeyed the "No-
Bare-Feet" sign at McDonald.s, ordered breakfast and
sat down at a table once again exposing our four
pussies, and only three or for people noticed, and
another chick goes like, if I did this my mom would
ground me, and Nikke goes like, I bet your mom would
love to expose her pussy here, why don.t you bring
her along next time, but she goes like, I don.t think
so, and she takes another look at our pussies and then she leaves.

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