Re: Can someone give me the link to the Lindstedt show so I can get it shut down again on talkshoe?

Quite contraire, sir; Fraeaese, Agneta and I are among the most beautiful, blond Swedes here in Southern CA, and Nikke who hailes from Thailand has
the most desirable body imaginable, and her hair is blonde now, as well. At Elysion Acres there are about 20 people every day who long for nothing more than fuck her, time and again. Even two talent scouts from MTV tried their darndest for her to sign a contract to be on their show last year, but she refused because she is a nudist like the rest of us, and doesn.t want to waste her life getting dressed every day. Unfortunately, none of us has grown a penis, wouldn.t that be fun; Obviously you don.t count all the boners we harbor in our pussies on a daily basis, the average being three or four in a 24-hour-cycle. And what.s your complaint about McDonald.s? It might not be the greatest restaurant in the world, but they still serve wholesome food at a reasonable price. And it.s the only restaurant in Corona where we dare expose our four pussies.

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