Re: Hal Turner learned his lesson not to mess with us.

Thanks for standing up for us blond beauties from Sweden. We knew all along that we are very close
to what G'd had in mind when He created gorgeous
blondes in our native Sweden, and nobody but nobody
comes close to our good looks. Nikke-girl for instance
might be a fucking slut like the rest of us, but her
black hair reveals that she.s just not in the same ballpark as Greta, Agneta, Fraeaaese, Oeoese, Harke,
Sigga and the rest of us beautiful Swedes, and from what you tell us, Blue Eyed Blonde Bombshell, you seem
to be even more adorable than all of us. So keep up the good fight and let the rest of those ugly non-
blondes fall by the wayside, into the menurepit where
they belong.

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