Re: On this day 16 years ago, Vonbluvens praised the 911 attacks against the US.

I don't live in Canada, but we have family in Canda and visit often. Here is my views on it:

How do you compare it to living in the states?:
From what I can tell, it's basically the same. Especially Ontario. It's like America Junior. They have everything we have in the States, like they have Wal Marts and McDonalds, and Taco Bell, and tons of places like that. Even all there tv channels are American!

What do you miss?
I don't miss anything since I don't live in Canada lol

What do you like here that isn't in the states?
Hardee's / Carl's Jr. They don't have them in Canada, but I think there going to be soon.

What has been the biggest adjustment?
Again, I don't live in Canada lol, just visit every so often, but if an American has just moved from somewere like Florida or Arizona, the biggest adjustment would be the weather in winter, since it is colder. But if your from the northern states like Ohio, NY, MI, all them, weather is similar.

What do you most love about Canada?
If I lived in Canada I would probley love the free healthcare.

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