As a STRAIGHT man, on those rare occasions when I can't find a suitably hot babe to have sex with, I'll find a hot guy (preferably late teens-early '20s) to assfuck instead. Problem is, some of the young, inexperienced dudes don't know how to properly prepare for assfucking. Case in point: the last guy I bedded, a tall, lean, athletic blond college guy, shit all over the place as soon as I pulled my cock out of his ass. Now I TOLD him beforehand: do NOT jump in the sack on a full stomach and preferably, douche your hole thoroughly. He did neither. His ass was slightly crusty going in, ok, I can handle that, but DAMN, completely emptying his bowels after I pulled it out made a HUGE mess! I will have to throw out my sheets and possibly the mattress too. How do you reach these guys and teach them to do the right thing??? *NM*