Boy, if anybody wants to know why VNNF has only a tiny fraction of the traffic it did a decade ago, just read the threads there with the republican refugees from Storefront duking it out with Linderwitz and his lackeys, lol. Watching Alex bellyache, whine and bitch about how Don Black called him "toxic" is pretty fucking funny, mainly because it's so true. There are literally one or two good posters still at VNNF. The rest were banned or left of their own volition, much like all of the other writers who used to contribute to VNNF in the early days, before they wised up, figured out how toxic its owner really is and headed for the door. Of course, what REALLY chaps Linderwitz's cancer-ridden keister is that The Daily Stormer and even Storefront are far more relevant to and read by infinitely more people, which is undoubtedly why they were taken down and VNNF remains. Well, that and the likelihood that it's probably good for the kikes to keep VNNF up and running. *NM*

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