I make you look like a fucking idiot every time you post. I have the facts, I have the historical record, all you have is your bullshit slogans and the hope that a bunch of low IQ niggers are going to save you from your fate. I give you another history lesson Schfartz... The civil war in Zimbabwe. Whites killed niggers 20 to 1 in that conflict. The only reason the niggers won was because they had the Whites outnumbered 100 to 1. The Whites couldn't afford the losses, even at that lopsided rate. We still outnumber your niggers, your spicks and you put together. We going to fucking slaughter you. History shows us, nobody does wholesale slaughter better than White people. I know you'll sleep a little less easy tonight knowing that. I'm going to sleep just fine. Goodnight Schfartz. *NM*

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