My Fellow Nimonians and Fellow White People!!! I am here at John Stadtmiller's vacation lakefront getaway for the weekend with the Daleks and Joe Bednarsky and we have just been apprised of the carnage and subsequent state of emergency in Charlottesville!! Johnstadt will likely be talking about this story on his RBN show this week, but sadly, as we are too far away, we are unable to be there to observe, obtain interviews and even join in with our Fellow Whites in solidarity. I only wish Woger and Schvartzie were there so their gerbil engorged asses could be arrested and thrown in the hoosegow with the other antifa scum. However, we wish our White Brothers and Sisters God's speed in defeating the filthy, rat faced, hook nosed and fecal skinned antifas there. Good on the police for finally doing the right thing and supporting our race! Talk to you later!! *NM*