Lol, riding a virtual tricycle 35 miles on jewr PC hardly qualifies as genuine physical exertion, Wogie, you obese little ANONYMOUS yenta, lol. As far as what I do, I typically run 8 miles in the morning and follow that up with an organic juice drink (Burger King is only for fatasses like you, lol), followed by weight training in the gym 3-4x/week. Today as I will tomorrow, I did some call screening for my good friend and colleague John Stadtmiller at RBN. Tomorrow night I'll deliver some pizzas for a couple of hours, then I'll take my $150-200 in tips and hit the hay because once again this weekend, Joe Bednarsky and I, along with My Daleks, will be Johnstadt's personal guests at his lakefront getaway where we'll spend some time making plans for the newly retooled ON THE DOMESTIC FRONT, which is set to premiere on RBN this October or November. *NM*

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