MY FELLOW NIMONIANS!! Once again I am offering ALL OF YOU, EVEN THE ANONYMOUS PUSSY-BOYS who are too chicken to troll Me under their own names, a unique opportunity!! After carefully considering the malicious rumors levied around here that others, notably RABBI KEVIN DEAN ROBERTS!!!!!!, are actually posting under My name because I am somehow inadequately articulate to consummate the same task, I am again volunteering to commence with a series of "ASK LLOYD" questions in order to clear the air about any extraneous and miscellaneous details concerning My incredibly productive and fulfilled life. Do you, My fans, My sycophants, My yes-men, My hangers-on, My followers, My lackeys, My children, have any questions you'd like to pose to THE WORLD'S GREATEST TIMELORD? I heartily invite you to ask Me any personal question you wish, no matter how hard (much like the negro penises Wogie and his sockpuppets such as "You Know Who" takes up his rectum daily) and I will placate your curiosities. :-D *NM*