Donald Trump, Jr. Is the Dumbest Traitor in World History *LINK*

Donald Trump, Jr. is the dumbest, most stupid, most ignorant traitor in all the history of the world.

And he's got the email chain to prove it.

Has there ever been the like? The son of the Republican nominee colluded with the Russians to bring down Hillary Clinton and put it all down in black and white -- emails preserved forever so that the New York Times, congressional investigators, and the special counsel won't have to work very hard to indict him for campaign tomfoolery and, if liberals get their way, treason.

Is he really that stupid? And are the Russians really so cruel that they would have approached one of the nominee's chief campaign advisers directly, with no buffer, no cutout, not even a scapegoat to protect such an important asset? What kind of a black op were the Russians running here?

None of this tracks. Neither does the notion that Putin would have used this cast of characters to make contact with the Trump campaign to help bring Hillary down.

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