It's a slow ***VERY*** slow process, but ultimately this site is reverting back to its original intentions. Stan Lawson created NimBusters (goes with Hate & Flame now too) in order to bash and ridicule white racism and antisemitism, ideologies which deserve to be ridiculed as the sick and twisted belief systems they are. In any sane and moral society assholes like Lloyd Davies, VonBluvens and Joe Bednarsky would all be rotting in jail where they belong and where their sick twisted beliefs could not harm anybody. Of course, these three idiots are far too brain damaged to cause anybody any real harm, but ideas like there's can spread, so it's always a safe and precautionary measure to silence them whenever possible. Amazon has made a good start in banning Holocaust Denial books, but more needs to be done. It's happening in this tiny portion of the internet and it's a good thing. *NM*